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643 Zion Rd

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

(corner of Zion & Old Zion Rd)

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Get the bulk materials for your landscaping project and even the help to complete it

Ready to add some beauty to your yard? Spruce up those flower beds, decorate with stone, or add sand to your kid's playground. It's all in stock, competitively priced, and ready to be delivered to your yard today!

-  Decorative stones, driveway stone, river rock, boulders

-  Screened top soil, organic compost, fill dirt,  mulch, & gravel

-  Mulch (all colors), playground mulch, and root mulch

-  Sand: play, mason, concrete & bar sand  

We make it easy for you to landscape

Purchase 10 cubic yards and get a discount on your purchase! At Distinctive Lawns Inc, you can afford to have a beautiful yard. Pick up the bulk materials you need or let our landscaping team deliver them for you.

Beautiful mulches

Get a FREE estimate on your bulk landscaping material purchase by calling today.

Pebbles for walkways

Decorative accent stones

Screened soils

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